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Introducing the Flyway of Life Project

From the team that brought you Sentinels of the Boreal and Keepers of the Blue, comes our latest documentary and first feature-length film, Flyway of Life.

Scheduled for 2025, this documentary will focus on several amazing conservation movements as well as many ecological events that occur along the flyway's stretch. To those that do not know, the Atlantic flyway is the easternmost (and often overlooked) migration path in the Americas. It begins in South America and some birds that utilize its path end up as far north as Alaska. This flyway remains one of the most important migrations that occur on the planet; a migration that is being put to the test with rapid urbanization along the eastern shore...

"The Atlantic flyway remains one of the most important migration paths on the planet"

We have managed to assemble an amazing team of likeminded scientists, conservationists, entrepreneurs and storytellers who all feel the tale of the Atlantic flyway is a story worth telling.

Dr. James Castonguay and TC Schultz will be our acting executive producers, and we've gathered a host of amazing individuals for our production team.

Cotopaxi and Canon USA will be major gear providers throughout the duration of production.

In addition to an amazing team that we will be highlighting in more detail later, we have also created relationships with some of the world's most respected brands. The project will be in association with the National Audubon Society, Canon USA, Cotopaxi, and others. We have also partnered with different conservation groups such as several National Audubon chapters, the Atlantic Shark Institute, Friend's of Sax-Zim Bog, the Connecticut Audubon Society, NOAA Shark Tagging Program, and many others.

Recently the team has done several scouting trips and expeditions in preparation for production. One of these trips involved the Florida Everglades. There, the team met up with Garl Harrold, an experienced wildlife guide and explorer who is among the best professional wildlife guides in the region. Garl stresses the importance of preserving vital habitat that is integral for birds and other wildlife.

Garl Harrold wildlife guide
Garl Harrold, an experienced wildlife guide and scout, traverses through one of the cypress domes in the Florida Everglades.

The Florida everglades is packed with biodiversity ranging from the massive saltwater crocodile, to the small and secretive green herons. The cypress domes, as well as the greater everglades area, also serve as an important "rest" area for migrating birds. Songbirds (such as warbler species) and water birds use this environment as a refuge, many of these species moving farther north along the flyway.

Red-shouldered hawks are a species that can be seen utilizing the Atlantic flyway. – Photographed by Tomas Koeck

As Spring approaches, keep an eye out for migrating bird species, you never know what may pop up during the height of migration season. Make sure to subscribe to get the latest updates on the production of Flyway of Life. Follow @tomaskoeck on instagram for "in the field" updates on the latest shoots. See you soon!

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excited, can't wait for updates.



Tomas, It sounds like an exciting new project. I'm sure you'll have fun working on it, and I eagerly look forward to updates and the finished film. Best regards! FM

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