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The Americas' Vein of Life


The Atlantic Flyway is the stream of life that balances ecosystems throughout the entire eastern side of North America. Without it, life would cease to maintain its balance and productive ecosystems would grind to a halt. Join explorer Tomas Koeck as he examines several unlikely relationships along this massive migratory chain that stems from South America and arcs out as far as Alaska.

This project will be a full-length documentary feature focusing on this Flyway but also encompassing many conservation movements led by pioneering individuals from esteemed scientists to inspiring indigenous leaders. Project is supported, produced and sponsored by Sacred Heart University. 

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bird species use the 


of plants, fish, insects, and animals

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utilize and interact with the flyway

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Northern Parula Warbler


Hosted by director Tomas Koeck and filmed with breakthrough Canon EOS technology, the project is a culmination of combined efforts of the production team, some of the world's top biologists, and a gathering of influential environmental organizations.


The project will be filmed throughout several points along the Atlantic flyway focusing on different ecological relationships and examining different conservation movements. Some of the filming sites range from the sub-zero regions of Manitoba to the lush, humid marshes of Florida's Everglades. 


Over the next two years, the team will produce:

• A host-driven documentary feature showcasing several different species of terrestrial and marine life as well as the organizations that work to protect them.
• STEM presentations designed for a wide array of audiences. These presentations will feature some of the researchers and cast from the film.

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Social Focus

The documentary will explore some of the region's most interesting environmental focused NGO's, community based organizations, and scientific institutes. The individuals that make up these organizations fight every day for the survival of the natural world, including the Atlantic Flyway. 


Bird Biodiversity

The Atlantic flyway hosts an incredible range of bird species. Species range from the tiny yellow warbler to the majestic common loon, these birds depend on the Atlantic flyway for survival, something that has become gradually more of a challenge as human development interrupts the flyway.


Conservation Partners

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